Witch Flight 2

Witch Flight 2

Witch Flight 2

Witch Flight 2 is a game based on the game Flappy Bird. This is a great free time game, your task is to avoid ghosts, flying pumpkins and purple witches. Collect stars to be protected from damage for 8 seconds. The witch will automatically shoot the magic wand. You need to click to make the witch fly up or down to help avoid collisions with other obstacles. If you hit obstacles, you will have to start over. Don't give up, the more times you do it, the more skills you will accumulate and the highest score.

Evil spirits are unfriendly, numerous and aggressive, and even if you are on the dark side. The further you go, the more objects there are and the faster they move, making you feel confused. A little tip for you: double clicking or double tapping on the screen will help the witch fly higher and faster. Besides, you should focus on the screen, use skills and estimate the distance to best avoid objects. Are you ready to get started? Have a fun game!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse or tap the screen

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