Trap the Mouse

Trap the Mouse

Trap the Mouse

Trap the Mouse is a puzzle game that is loved by many young people today. When starting, the game will have a mouse in the middle and a few statues already placed. Your task is to place additional walls to block the mouse from escaping the boxes on the screen. Because each time you play the walls will be arranged differently, the strategy of each match will also be different.

To defeat Trap the Mouse requires you to use your thinking ability. Every step needs to be calculated in advance and considered which direction the cat will go. Additionally, you need to be sure to stay more than one step ahead of the mouse to avoid the mouse from escaping. Are you confident that you can trap this mischievous mouse?

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play.

In addition to mouse traps, you can also trap cats in Trap The Cat. This is a game with similar gameplay that you should try.

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