Noob Basketball Clicker

Noob Basketball Clicker

Noob Basketball Clicker

Noob Basketball Clicker is a clicker game inspired by the sport of basketball. In the game, you will help the character practice throwing the ball into the basket and earn money. For each click you will receive a coin and after ten clicks the character will throw the ball. When the ball touches the ground, you will also earn money corresponding to the amount you click once. In addition, if the ball goes into the basket, you will receive a bonus.

With 11 upgrades available at the bottom of the screen in Noob Basketball Clicker, you can use money to buy. These upgrades help add friends to throw the ball, increase the amount of money per click and even play the ball yourself. So you can still receive money even if you don't click. In addition, you can also upgrade when clicking "Level Up". The higher the level, the better the working efficiency. Are you ready to exercise and make money at the same time?

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play.

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