Blue Mushroom Cat Run

Blue Mushroom Cat Run

Blue Mushroom Cat Run

Immerse yourself in the incredibly beautiful 3D world of running, across lively roads and beautiful coastlines with Blue Mushroom Cat Run. In the game, a cat burglar has stolen your wealth, and now you must chase after him while navigating an unending maze of obstacles that you must leap over, slide under, and dodge. 

Playing Blue Mushroom Cat Run, the objective is to prevent a catastrophe from befalling the player's city dwelling. Take on the role of a courageous character being pursued as you join in on the unending quest. You will need to be swift and agile if you want to make it across the treacherous terrain that lies ahead. Steer clear of danger and gather verdant mushrooms. Discover even more incredible features. Are you prepared to take on a challenging journey?

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to control the character moving left, right, jumping up and sliding down.

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