Idle Survival

Idle Survival

Idle Survival

In Idle Survival, you will play the role of a person stranded on a deserted island, your mission is to do everything to survive. This is a clicker game, in which you interact with the environment and move through the game by clicking the screen by using your mouse. When it comes to doing simple activities, such as putting together things or acquiring resources, all that is required is a click or two. Complex structures and combinations are proof of your progress.

You should also focus on resource management in Idle Survival because unnecessary things will waste resources. At the outset, develop technologies that will maximize the efficiency of resource collection. Remember that the most important things you need to do are to get food and shelter; keep an eye out for plants and animals that may be eaten, and improve your shelter whenever you have the opportunity.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play.

Idle games allow you to build more amazing structures below.

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