Idle Zombie Shelter

Idle Zombie Shelter

Idle Zombie Shelter

The world is being invaded by evil Zombies and now you need to build bases for shelter in Idle Zombie Shelter. Before playing, there will be a tutorial for you so you can better understand the gameplay and how it works. Next you need to accumulate bricks and use them to build buildings and repair roads. Not only that, poisonous mushrooms can grow anywhere on the road and you need to destroy them otherwise they will spread disease to many people.

In Idle Zombie Shelter, you also need to install a system of heavy weapons to destroy many Zombies at the same time. Gathering raw materials to keep progressing and vitamin-rich diets to keep alive are both critical. Stunning 3D visuals in the popular Minecraft style will transport you to a fantastical world brimming with joy. Try to survive until the end!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play.

Idle games combined with dramatic zombies are always loved by many people, especially Grave Driving Unblocked and Zombie Warface Idle.

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