Milk Clicker

Milk Clicker

Milk Clicker

Immersing yourself in the process of producing quality milk cartons in Milk Clicker will take hours of its fun. In this game, you will have the task of clicking on the large milk carton in the middle of the screen to create small milk cartons. When you click the milk box, it will expand and shrink and you will receive a point.

The more points you accumulate in Milk Clicker, the more upgrades you can buy in the store. These upgrades will help each click create more cartons of milk or help automate the process even when you are not clicking as long as the game is still turned on. They include cursor, normal cow, farmer, small herd and many more waiting for you to unlock. Let's get started now!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play and you can buy upgrades.

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