Candy Clicker

Candy Clicker

Candy Clicker

Your task in Candy Clicker is to click on candies non-stop to create a wide variety of delicious treats. Unlock all the captivating items available in the game and enjoy the sweet rewards. As you play, the number of candy points you generate per second will gradually increase, and you can see your current candy count displayed at the top of the screen. Pay attention to your score, as it will guide you towards unlocking useful items. These items will greatly assist you in generating an impressive number of candies, leading to the discovery of even more exciting items.

Special Items:

  • Cursor: Unlock this item with just 25 candies. The cursor will automatically click after each turn, boosting your candy production.
  • Auto Candy: Spend 100 candies to unlock this item. It will generate 1 candy automatically every second, saving you time and effort.
  • Candy Farm: With 500 candies, you can unlock the Candy Farm. This fantastic item produces 10 candies automatically every second, rapidly increasing your candy collection.
  • Candy Mine: Reach 6.5K candies to unlock the Candy Mine. This powerful item generates a whopping 100 candies every second, allowing you to amass a mountain of treats in no time.
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