Archery Of The King

Archery Of The King

Archery Of The King

Archery Of The King is a sports game that combines practicing marksmanship skills with your bow. The way to play the game is simply to drag and drop the mouse, but you must aim correctly before shooting, or you will lose. The game has a total of 60 increasing levels; you are required to play from low to high. In the process of destroying enemies, you will encounter many different difficulties. Sometimes, playing Archery Of The King can inspire you to create some unique goals of your own.

The higher the levels, the more challenges you will have. Some enemies are moving at a longer distance, and the target is moving faster. Your task is to calmly take your arrow, aim straight at the target, and release to shoot. I will suggest a tip: if the enemy is hiding behind solid wooden frames, use a hot air balloon to pull the wooden slats away to continue destroying the enemy. Besides, if the balloon and arrows run out but you still haven't destroyed the enemy, don't give up, start again and destroy them to the end.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to shoot archery

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