Idle Hotel Empire

Idle Hotel Empire

Idle Hotel Empire

Becoming a professional hotel manager in Idle Hotel Empire is extremely interesting. This is an idle game that helps you start your business with a small establishment and grow into a chain of hotels visited by many people. In the game, you need to control your staff including housekeeping staff, elevator staff and guest welcome staff. After each completion of a series of tasks, you will receive a sum of money. Use them to upgrade to generate more money per service or open more floors and hire more staff.

In Idle Hotel Empire Tycoon, you need to plan your strategy and budget to allocate it appropriately and gain the most profit. Especially reinvestment is to divide the golden key so that the business becomes more developed. Are you prepared to become an experienced manager?

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play.

In addition to this game, you can learn more hotel management experience in two games: Habbo Clicker and Hotel Tycoon Empire.

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