Merge Pepe

Merge Pepe

Merge Pepe

Merge Pepe is a funny game that combines click gameplay and Pepe memes. Your task in the game is to click on the big frog on the screen to accumulate points. After progressing, you can use the points to buy upgrades that increase points per click or automatically increase points without you clicking. So you can do without sitting in front of the computer and the game score will still increase continuously as long as the game is still turned on.

Merge Pepe is suitable for all players regardless of whether you have played this game before or not. Besides, this game also requires no brainstorming so you can enjoy your leisure time in the best way. Are you ready to get started with this adorable frog!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play.

Below are three extremely cute clicker games equipped with many upgrades for you to experience.

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