Save My Pet Party

Save My Pet Party

Save My Pet Party

In Save My Pet Party, you need to protect your pets from being attacked by bees. To do that, you need to draw a protective layer around it so that bees cannot sneak in. If within five seconds the pet is still safe, you will win and move to the next level. If your pet is not safe for five seconds, the bees will sting your pet. Each level will be a different context and you have to use your brain to see what is the most appropriate way to draw.

Save My Pet Party has an extremely attractive two-player mode. When participating in this mode, the screen will be divided in half and instead of drawing with the mouse, the player will have to use the keys on the keyboard. Invite your friends to protect pets together!

How To Play

Single player mode:

  • Use mouse to play.

Two-player mode:

  • P1: Use "W,A,S,D" and "E" to draw.
  • P2: Use "arrow buttons" and "L" to draw.

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