Space Bar Clicker

Space Bar Clicker

Space Bar Clicker

Mash your keyboard or mouse to your heart’s content with Space Bar Clicker, a highly engaging and addictive clicker game that does exactly what it says!

Satisfy Your Desire for Mindless Button-mashing with This Spacebar Clicker!

Press to your heart’s content with Space Bar Clicker, a highly intuitive and enjoyable clicker game that does exactly what it says: click on a spacebar! If you have tried to press every button on your keyboard, you will notice that the spacebar gives a completely different sound and feel. Unfortunately, there are not that many games that give you plenty of chances to press this magical button—until now! With Space Bar Clicker, you even gain rewards for each time you mash this particular key! Accumulate the points from hitting the spacebar to acquire different upgrades, which in turn give you even more points! How long will it take for you to reach 1,000,000 hit points in total?

Why are Clicker Games so Addictive?

If you find clicker games like Space Bar Clicker hard to stop playing, chances are that you are not the only one! These games are so simple that they barely qualify as a form of entertainment, yet there is something extremely addictive and rewarding as your spacebar counter increases. And there is a psychological reason behind this phenomenon.

Clicker games encourage the human’s sense of “action = reward” in the most simple form possible. Each time players press the spacebar or click on something, the counter increases, indicating that they are making progress. Additionally, with each upgrade, the returns rise exponentially, making the whole experience extremely satisfying and full of dopamine. In other words, we are not actually addicted to the act of pressing buttons mindlessly but to the feeling of making more and more progress.

Furthermore, after a few upgrades, clicker games usually increase the counter by a certain number per second. There is something always being generated, even if players are not actively doing something. Since clicker games don’t require that much investment and commitment, players can always leave them be and return later to acquire more upgrades. This makes them a great way to distract you from stress, even if it is just for a few seconds.


  • Extremely simple gameplay with unlimited satisfaction! All you have to do is press the spacebar!
  • There are tons of upgrade options to increase your hit per second exponentially!
  • A great way to destress or wear out your keyboard (or mouse) and finally have an excuse to buy a new one!

Spacebar Clicker Gameplay

Players begin the game by clicking on the virtual spacebar on the screen or pressing their own spacebar. With each pressing, the counter increases by one. Continue doing that until the first upgrade option is available for purchase. From this point onwards, the pacing of Space Bar Clicker will increase quite unexpectedly!

The first upgrade option, Crazy Bird, grants players an automatic click on the spacebar for every five seconds. Continue accumulating the points in the spacebar counter to access the following upgrades: Millennials and Zoomers, who can give you 3 points and 20 points per second! As you continue your quest to find the most effective way to smash the spacebar, insane upgrades will pop up, such as MG 3, which uses a German machine gun to fire rapid shots at the spacebar! Keep it up until you are able to unlock the ultimate upgrade, The Hand of God, which offers 1,000,000 points per second! How crazy is that?

Tips and Tricks: Try to score 100M!

For Mastering Space Bar Clicker

  • Acquire upgrades as often as you can: Upgrades are not only a core part of the gameplay; they are also the fastest way to accumulate points. Hence, if you want to see what the game has to offer, it is best that you start investing to have better returns in the long run!
  • Prioritize what to invest in: Each upgrade comes with a short description, so be sure to read them before you make any investment! While most of them raise the points per second, one of them doubles your own hit instead. The bonus point is that these descriptions are quite entertaining to read!
  • Let the game do its job: It can be quite addictive to just click on the spacebar mindlessly, but there is also an option to just let the number of points increase by itself and return later to make additional investments. After all, you won’t want Space Bar Clicker to keep you hooked for hours!

For Increasing Your Spacebar Counter

Other than being an extremely addictive clicker game, Space Bar Clicker is also an excellent way to test out the fastest method of pressing the spacebar for you! You can continue to mash the spacebar as quickly as you can while receiving additional points to acquire even more upgrades. How convenient is that?

An average person can hit the spacebar around 6 to 7 times per second, while a proficient spacebar presser can achieve 8 to 11 hits per second! One method of increasing your spacebar counter is to use one finger to hold the spacebar halfway down, then use another finger to smash it repeatedly. With enough practice, 8 hits per second are within your reach! 

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