Egg Dash

Egg Dash

Egg Dash

Egg Dash is an extremely popular fast-paced game today. This game is an upgrade to Geometry Dash but still retains the core and fast-paced gameplay. The player's task is to control an egg to overcome obstacles that appear everywhere. They can be rows of sharp spikes, or even more dangerous objects. When the egg hits them, the game will end.

In Egg Dash, accuracy and time are the two factors that determine victory or defeat in the game. Because of the fast gameplay, players need to calculate the next steps in advance to reach the finish line safely. The game also provides two modes for players, which are normal mode and practice mode. After finishing a turn, the game will display the percentage the player has completed. Can you conquer this difficult game? Let's start!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play.
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