Trap The Cat

Trap The Cat

Trap The Cat

Stop a cat from escaping the fence in Trap The Cat game. This is one of the puzzle games that requires a lot of intelligence to achieve the goal. On the screen, there will be a total of 121 cells, including eleven rows and eleven columns. When you click on a small box, it will turn black, and the cat will not be able to go through it. However, the cat will move in any direction, and you will have to continue pressing the boxes until the cat has no way to escape.

To win Trap The Cat the first time is very difficult. So I will introduce you to a few ways to play more easily. First, click on the third or fifth box if the black cat moves to the fourth box. This will stop the cat from moving forward. Next, you should react to each direction of movement and not click on the boxes right in front of the cat. And finally, practice a lot to be able to learn lessons and experiences. Good luck!

How To Play

  • Click on the boxes to stop the cat.

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