Poke The Presidents

Poke The Presidents

Poke The Presidents

Poke The Presidents is an extremely interesting game in which players will freely anger the president by throwing piles of paper at the president or anything in the room. Each click will help the player get one coin. After clicking enough energy columns, the president will be so angry that he will blush and disappear. After saving enough coins, you can buy more items such as night lights, water bottles or more. When you buy those items, your number of coins per click will increase, so work hard to accumulate coins to make the president angry.

In Poke The Presidents, the design is extremely humorous and interesting. The most important thing as well as the key factor to win the most coins in the game is speed. The faster you click, the more coins you will generate. Let's start this game!

How To Play

  • Click on the screen to throw paper at any object in the room.

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