Smash Car Clicker

Smash Car Clicker

Smash Car Clicker

Enjoy great entertainment in Smash Car Clicker. In this game, your mission is to destroy the car by jumping up and down on the roof of the car to earn money. For every click, the kid jumps up once and you earn a dollar. After accumulating enough coins, you can use them to buy upgrades that increase the vehicle's ability to destroy. The more you upgrade, the more value and money you get.

Smash Car Clicker offers a fun and addictive experience where you can show off your new side. Besides, the pixel design helps the game become closer to the player. Now is the time to get your clicking fingers ready for some action. Carry out missions in order to destroy a greater number of vehicles and acquire additional funds. How many pals can you bribe to help you crash as many automobiles as possible?

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play.

If you love this game, you can try its upgraded version, Smash Car Clicker 2.

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