Idle Tower Builder

Idle Tower Builder

Idle Tower Builder

Idle Tower Builder is an idle game with the goal of building the tallest building in the world thanks to the combination of workers. To build towers, you must first harvest materials from the quarry and then transform those minerals into bricks. Because bricks are required for each succeeding floor of the tower, it is critical to build your manufacturing facilities strategically. In order to transfer bricks to the higher floors of the project, a crane will be required. When you go to the lumberyard, you can make a crane from planks that you can make from wood.

You will need to sell some resources in order to get funding for upgrades. You will get wealthier as the tower expands and acquires more sophisticated technologies. Let's start building your own kingdom, shall we?

How To Play

  • Use your mouse to click on workers to control their work.

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