Idle Hypermart Empire

Idle Hypermart Empire

Idle Hypermart Empire

Idle Hypermart Empire is a business game with the goal of making a lot of money, expanding facilities and increasing employees for your company. In the game, you will be the operator of a series of jobs including picking up goods, transporting through elevators and selling goods for money. First, your company only has three employees and the amount of money you earn is not much. But with hard work you will be able to become a rich man in the food business.

Every sales process in Idle Hypermart Empire is done intelligently and automates tasks to increase income and save time. After progressing and saving $1000, you will unlock the next level. The more floors you open, the more money you make even if you do nothing. Investing money and earning profits is an extremely wonderful thing. Let's get started and become rich!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play.

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