Among Us Clicker

Among Us Clicker

Among Us Clicker

Among Us Clicker is an interesting clicker game at breakneck speed. Objects inspired by Among Us game are flying up en masse at a very fast speed, click to destroy them. In the game, you need to be quick with your hands and eyes to be able to draft characters correctly. The characters have bright colors like blue, red and yellow so you can spot them more easily.

In Among Us Clicker game, there are many levels from simple to complex waiting for you to conquer. The greater the level, the tougher the challenge. Characters fly up and down more quickly, more characters appear at once, and more bombs appear. That requires you to practice a lot to improve your skills.

You also cannot click on the bombs, they will explode and you have to start over. In addition, there are three hearts in the top left corner of the screen. If you miss three characters and let them fall, the game will end. Let's start to experience this challenging game!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to click on the character.

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