Cookie Clicker: Candy

Cookie Clicker: Candy

Cookie Clicker: Candy

Cookie Clicker: Candy immerses itself in the attractive cookie world, clicking continuously on the available giant cookie to create millions of candies. This game delivers everything you would expect from it. This is a clicker game on the desktop version where you can spend days, weeks, and months accumulating cookies.

Your goal in this game is simply to click on cookies to receive cookies for each click. Then, use the cookies you earn to upgrade your store by purchasing assets, cursors, factories, grannies, etc., which can automate your process.

Hundreds of thousands of levels are waiting for you to unlock them. The game continues when your computer is turned off, so you can build your ideal bakery and resume later for attractive profits! Beware the grandmas!

How To Play

  • Tap on a giant cookie and make lots of cookies.

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