The Monolith Clicker

The Monolith Clicker

The Monolith Clicker

The Monolith Clicker promises to be an extremely interesting clicker game. In the game, players will have the task of building their own empire by clicking on the stone on the screen. Each click will cause damage, the harder you click, the more gifts the player will receive. After progressing, players can hire more people to work for them. At that time, even if the player does not click, the amount of damage is still generated automatically.

To achieve the best results in The Monolith Clicker, players should invest in advanced technologies that will make the empire stronger. In addition, players should also use human resources wisely and properly. Let's start your social development plan in this game!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play.

The Monolith Clicker is a great game for entertainment, besides we also have similar games available like Anigirls Wonderful Clicker, Idle Cult Clicker, Heroic Battle Clicker.

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