Taco Clicker

Taco Clicker

Taco Clicker

Create delicious tacos in Taco Clicker. This is a clicker game with the goal of creating as many tacos as possible by clicking on the big taco on the screen. Initially each click will only create one taco, but the player can use those tacos to exchange for upgrades at the store. These include cursor, auto taco, taco farm and many more. To unlock all of them, players need to work hard and be patient. In addition to the interesting gameplay, the game's design and sound are also very fun. The taco will get larger and make a sound when the player clicks on it. That will definitely make players excited and unable to take their eyes off the game. Are you ready?

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play and buy upgrades.

Not only creating Tacos, players can also create beautiful cookies with clicks in Cookie Clicker game.

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