Race Clicker: Tap Tap Game

Race Clicker: Tap Tap Game

Race Clicker: Tap Tap Game

Race Clicker: Tap Tap Game is a perfect combination of clicker and intense racing with extremely powerful opponents. In the game, the player will be tasked with training a character to help him run faster, grow taller and have more items. To do that, the player needs to click to let the character run. After progressing, players can purchase upgrades at the bottom of the screen including speed, income and stamina. The more you upgrade, the better your character becomes.

After the player in Race Clicker: Tap Tap Game feels that his character is capable of fighting, the player can click on "Race" to race with two other opponents. Opponents can do anything, even push the player's character down to win. So players must avoid those collisions and accelerate to the finish line faster than their opponents.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play.

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