Planet Evolution: Idle Clicker

Planet Evolution: Idle Clicker

Planet Evolution: Idle Clicker

When talking about an idle game that combines clicker, you cannot ignore Planet Evolution: Idle Clicker. This is a game about limitless leisure, enjoyment, and competitiveness, with the objective of upgrading planets and unlocking new technologies to strengthen your empire, grow, and control time. Each system has its own upgrades, so you'll have to handle a variety of procedures.

To play Planet Evolution: Idle Clicker, just click on the planet to earn virtual cash and boost the attractiveness of intriguing things floating through space. Furthermore, if you have saved enough money, you can consider purchasing improvements such as special missiles or unique prestige systems that will dramatically improve your procedure. You don't even need to sit in front of your computer to click and earn money as long as the game is running. Please join now!

How To Play

  • Click on the planet on the screen and buy upgrades.

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