Only Up!: Parkour

Only Up!: Parkour

Only Up!: Parkour

Start the sensational arcade game and full of different experiences with Only Up!: Parkour. The goal of this thrilling arcade game requires you to overcome obstacles and reach new heights. You must react quickly, jump accurately and your reaction time will help you win. Every move must be properly calculated and each jump must be very careful not to make mistakes.

Each level you go through will represent a different mission. The difficulty of the stages will increase as you continue. To overcome all obstacles on the road, pay attention and anticipate problems to reach the finish line as quickly as possible. In addition, the graphics in the game are designed wonderfully, giving you the most realistic sensory experience. Let's start running and win!

How To Play

  • Press "SPACE" button to start or jump
  • Use the "ARROW KEYS" to move
  • Move the mouse to adjust the viewing angle

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