Only Up!

Only Up!

Only Up!

Immerse yourself in the game Only Up! Here, the player is faced with tasks such as jumping, climbing, and sliding across platforms without falling into traps. The game begins with Jack standing in the middle of an old and rusted neighborhood surrounded by tall structures. Looking up, he noticed strange things in the sky that resembled pipes, which piqued his interest.

Your goal in Only Up! is simply to jump from one surface to another. But in fact, every jump has the risk of falling into a trap, so the game requires a lot of timing and precision for each jump on the platform. If you accidentally fall to the ground, you will lose everything and have to start over. An indispensable part of creating the game Only Up! is impressive visual design, smooth gameplay, and a colorful world. Let's start this exciting and thrilling game now!

How To Play

  • To start the game, press the "Start" button. Move the mouse to look around and press the "WASD" keys to control Jack’s movement.

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