Ladybug Clicker

Ladybug Clicker

Ladybug Clicker

Many colorful bugs appear in Ladybug Clicker. This game has a similar style to Fruit Ninja. In the game, you will have the task of destroying bugs by slashing but pay attention to the bombs because they can make you lose. There are a total of three hearts on the left corner of the screen. Every time you miss a bug, you will lose a heart. When all three hearts disappear, the game will end. So be quick to get the highest score.

A trick to beat Ladybug Clicker is to not make too many slashes because sometimes it can cause you to accidentally slash the right or left side of the boom. In addition, the game both entertains you and helps you improve your reflex skills. Invite your friends to play together to compete!

How To Play

  • Hold the mouse to perform slashes.
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