Idle Merge Car And Race

Idle Merge Car And Race

Idle Merge Car And Race

Idle Merge Car And Race is an extremely addictive idle racing game with super cool cars. When starting out, the player only has a simple car, but after combining two similar cars, they will create a better car. Repeat until you get the best car in this game. After upgrading, players can choose a car that they like to take to the track. After each finish, the player will earn some money. Invest that money in store upgrades or buy new cars.

Smart decisions will be the key to winning Idle Merge Car And Race. Because there can only be a maximum of two cars on each track, players need to consider carefully which car to choose. Let's start this exciting racing match!

How To Play

  • Combine two similar cars into one more appealing car.
  • Put the car on the track to race.

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