Idle Gun 2

Idle Gun 2

Idle Gun 2

Idle Gun 2 is a visually appealing clicker game that immerses players in the world of weapon manufacturing. In this engrossing game, your goal is to assemble an outstanding arsenal using the power of clicking and idle progression. The game has a range of weapons, each with unique features and upgrade routes. To win, you must carefully deploy your team, manage their skills, and optimize your equipment.

Begin with basic pistols and work your way up to a formidable arsenal of sniper rifles and other weapons. Click and wait to gather the resources required for your arsenal. Furthermore, the game includes an accomplishment system that provides additional goals and prizes as you progress.

To succeed in Idle Gun 2, you must blend tactical planning with strategic decision making. Upgrade your team's talents, obtain powerful weaponry, and develop cunning formations to overcome progressively difficult stages. As you play, you will encounter powerful bosses and difficult situations that will put your shooting abilities and strategic knowledge to the test. Adaptability is the key to victory!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play.

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