Idle: Gravity Breakout

Idle: Gravity Breakout

Idle: Gravity Breakout

Idle: Gravity Breakout is an idle game with a lot of upgrades. Your goal in the game is to destroy the brown spheres that act as the focus. The game's controls are similarly straightforward. To deal damage and lower their gravity, simply tap or click on the brown orbs. You earn money for each ball you break, which you may use to buy more balls or enhance old ones. The more powerful your ball, the faster you can demolish your opponent's ball.

Idle: Gravity Breakout continues even while you aren't actively playing, so you may return to it at any time to check the health of your ball and attack it. In your journey to become the ultimate planet destroyer, you can return for more. Choose upgrades early because they dramatically boost the power of your ball. Best wishes!

How To Play

  • Click on the brown circle on the screen.

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