Idle Arzath Revenge

Idle Arzath Revenge

Idle Arzath Revenge

Idle Arzath Revenge is a role-playing game in which players take on the role of a skilled archer named Arzat. Evil people are destroying the village and taking the lives of his relatives. So he is determined to take revenge and destroy all his enemies to regain his old life.

Idle Arzath Revenge has many levels with each level having different challenges. With each level, there will be a total of five waves of enemies. The first time only five enemies will appear, but they will gradually increase and the battle will become more difficult. Players can hold the energy column at the bottom of the screen. If the energy bar runs out, the player will lose, so counterattack strongly and try to dodge the enemy's attacks. After killing an enemy, the player earns a coin. Build a strong squad and equip them with better weapons and skills to keep your campaign going against these enemies.

How To Play

  • Click on enemies to shoot archery.

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