Icebreakers: Idle Clicker

Icebreakers: Idle Clicker

Icebreakers: Idle Clicker

In Icebreakers: Idle Clicker you will become the commander of a fleet of icebreakers to ensure water vehicles can move and create circulation for the river. There are also many large icebergs on the river and boats are stuck between the rocks. When you click the right mouse button the ship will move to the right and similarly to the left. The game has simple gameplay and it still works even when you don't click. But to increase efficiency, you should click to make the train move faster. After breaking the ice, you will receive rewards such as money and even red diamonds. Use them to buy upgrades that help you earn even more money.

In Icebreakers: Idle Clicker there are many checkpoints that you will go through. The harder you work, the more waterways you will expand and upgrade to higher levels. Are you ready for your icebreaker?

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play.

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