Fast Food Factory

Fast Food Factory

Fast Food Factory

Welcome to Fast Food Factory. In this game, you will run a chain of fast food factories. The way to play the game is quite simple: click to buy machines so they can produce delicious hamburgers and sell them to make money. After accumulating enough money, you can buy upgrades that combine three machines into one with more powerful capacity.

In Fast Food Factory there are also three free features that you should use, which are x2 speed, x2 amount and auto click. When using these three features, the time clock will turn on and when the timer runs out you will return to normal mode. So, take full advantage of them to earn the most money possible.

In Fast Food Factory, each new manufacturing line you unlock gives up a world of limitless possibilities. It's like making your perfect sandwich: the more ingredients you have, the more unique your creation. Let's expand the scale and develop your factory!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to play.

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