Donut Clicker

Donut Clicker

Donut Clicker

Donut Clicker is a game loved by many people because of its cuteness and extremely simple gameplay. Your task in the game is to create countless donuts by continuously clicking on the screen. The number of cakes created is proportional to your clicking speed, so focus and click as fast as possible.

Donut Clicker is also equipped with many upgrades, such as a better cursor, grandma, and more. Each upgrade will have a different price, and the price will also increase after each upgrade. Therefore, you need to consider which upgrade to invest in appropriately. Be the owner of the cake shop and work hard!

How To Play

  • To create more donuts you need to click on the big donut on the screen and buy upgrades.

Besides Donut, you can create other delicious dishes by clicking on games like Pizza Clicker Tycoon or Cookie Clicker.

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