Bitcoin Millionaire

Bitcoin Millionaire

Bitcoin Millionaire

Become a rich tycoon in Bitcoin Millionaire. This game is inspired by the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, which is the most valuable virtual currency today. In the game, players will experience real-life coin mining by clicking the mouse. Although the gameplay is simple, it will make players excited and unable to take their eyes off the game. The harder you click, the more coins you mine and the richer you become.

To succeed in Bitcoin Millionaire, upgrades are indispensable. Use the coins you mine to buy upgrades, these upgrades will help the mining process take place automatically, it will even generate millions of coins as long as the game is turned on. In-game sounds integrate with your every click, making the game more fun. Are you ready to become rich?

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to click on the coin on the screen.

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