Barbershop Inc Online

Barbershop Inc Online

Barbershop Inc Online

Become a barber shop owner in Barbershop Inc Online. This is an idle game in which players will be tasked with cutting hair for many customers every day. The group of customers lined up so long that the barbers had no time to rest. After cutting a person's hair, the barbershop receives two dollars. Besides, customers will also share their feelings about the salon so that the salon can improve its weaknesses and promote its strengths.

To make the most of your time and earn the most money in Barbershop Inc Online, players can increase the number of customers by clicking on the door, with each click a customer will appear. But players also need to pay attention because if customers have to wait too long they will get angry and leave. Or players can also click on the line of people waiting in line to let the barber cut their hair faster. Are you prepared to develop into the most skilled barber?

How To Play

  • Click on customers to cut their hair faster.
  • Click on the door to get more guests.

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